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Disc Derangement

Disc Derangement

What is disc derangement?

Disc derangement is a term used to describe injury to the intervertebral discs, or “spacers” between each vertebra in your spine. Disc derangement has varying degrees of severity, but all include injury to the intervertebral disc. Disc derangement can cause back pain, leg pain, neck pain, or arm pain. This diagnosis can include both irritated or “bulging” discs. Discogenic injuries can irritate nearby nerve roots, creating extremity pain.

How Can Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Help?

Chiropractic together with physical therapy could help you manage the symptoms and also treat the root cause of disc derangement. Chiropractic treatment, including Flexion-Distraction therapy, as well as manual manipulation can help keep the spine moving and decrease back pain. It can also help move the derange disc back to its correct position, thus removing irritation to nearby nerves. Physical therapy can help strengthen weak and/or inhibited muscles to relieve pain. Various exercises can be taught and performed at Physical Therapy to insure that this problem does not happen again. Together -- we will get you moving again!

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