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What can Integrated do for an Athlete?

We pride ourselves in offering high quality care for athletes of all kinds from weekend warriors up to the professional level. Our philosophy in the management of any athlete can be boiled down into three essential components:

    1. High quality, hands on care provided by highly trained staff

    1. Rehabilitation programs and a physical therapy treatment plan based upon the best evidence available

    1. Education for every athlete to help make informed decisions regarding care and provide confidence to allow successful self management as they return to sport

Perhaps a fourth component that carries a high degree of importance for any individual is our emphasis on communication. We strive to keep every patient well informed with respect to our treatment and expectations. It is also vital to keep other health care professionals involved in that athlete’s care, from orthopedic surgeons to primary care physicians, up to date on treatment and progress. Our communication goes beyond to include coaches and trainers who also have a stake in the rehab process and play a vital role on your rehab team, offering valuable input regarding the specific demands that must be met prior to returning to competition. We seek to connect with everyone to enhance the treatment we provide while keeping everyone on the same plan together.

We believe that the application of this philosophy will empower each athlete to take ownership of their rehabilitation and instill the confidence that is needed to help them return to their peak performance with physical therapy, no matter how severe the injury.

This philosophy can go beyond treatment of sports related injuries, but can also be applied to programs that we offer for injury prevention and sports performance training. These programs take a healthy (or injured) athlete through a detailed exam designed to identify risk factors that are correlated to specific injuries commonly suffered during sport. Once the risk factors are identified an individual profile can be created which also includes traditional; measures of strength and flexibility. This information provides the basis for every training program that we create, and addresses every concern that has been identified for that specific athlete.

Whether you are looking to get back on the field or simply trying to improve your game, a physical therapist with us is ready to help guide you towards your optimum performance.

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