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Summer vacation is almost here!

Hello everyone! Summer is next week and as you can see, Flex is on vacation (for a stretch) in Hawaii. HOWEVER we here at both offices will be ready to help you for the summer in anyway we can.

I want to start off with some news from our Irondequoit office. As many as you know we have had a massage chair in the office for the longest time (okay several years) that has sat dormant and broken. Many patients have asked if it will ever work again and have taken bets IF it will ever be fixed. Well the news is out and THE CHAIR HAS BEEN FIXED! We are so happy that it is fixed and we hope you do enjoy the 15 min chair massages at Irondequoit.

Secondly, we are very proud of our high school athletes. We were proud sponsors of the Hilton Girls Track & Field 2019 season. We were very touched that we received a very nice thank you card from the girls track team in our mail. The athletes had a fantastic year and we look forward to sponsor them once more!

Ben K.
Director of Marketing

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