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Happy Independence Day!

With last week blog being very long and personal, I felt this week we should be more uplifting. As you may know I do love playing different kinds of music on our Echo from time to time (okay any chance I walk into the PT side of the office) so the other day, I was playing on our Amazon Echo (or Alexa known to some) music from the musical 1776. I was a Junior in high school when I was told if I watch this musical in my American History class, I would get extra credit AND if I let Ms. Pietropaoli watch it, I would get an extra few points. But the catch is that it had to be a VHS tape of 1776 (this is 2000 so DVD was coming out but was really expense). Since then I make it a tradition for me to watch 1776 around this time of the year because it makes me feel pretty patriotic and watching what was happing during the days leading up to signing of the Delectation of Independence. It also maybe a because I am huge American History nerd as well. Our intern Jamie was looking at me and laughed asked what we were listing too. I asked her if has ever seen the ABC show Boy Meets World? She said of course. I looked at her and said “Well then you do know who Mr. Feeny is. He played none other than John Adams in the musical!” Jamie looked at me like I was crazy but then told me that she would have to watch it now! I know a lot of other people in the office are not big into show tunes however I think just for an extra day or two they can put up with some extra patriotism.

Now if you can excuse me, I need to finish my musical before I start work!

Ben K.
Director of Marketing

I want to leave you with a letter from George Washington to Congress on 7-3-1776. This is the final letter to Congress before Congress signed the Delectation (Mr. Morris was a congressmen who was representing New York at the time of this letter):

I can now state, with some certainty, that the eve of battle is upon us. Toward this end, I have ordered the evacuation of Manhattan, and have ordered my men to take up stronger positions along the Brooklyn heights. At this time, my troops consist entirely of Rhode Island militia, and Smallwood's Marylanders, a total of five thousand troops to stand against... twenty-five thousand of the enemy. One personal note to Mr. Lewis Morris, of New York - I must regretfully report that his estates have been totally destroyed, but that I have taken the liberty of transporting Mrs. Morris and eight of the children to Connecticut in safety. The four older boys are now enlisted in the continental army. As I write these words, the enemy is plainly in sight beyond the river, and I begin to notice that many of us are lads under fifteen and old men, none of whom can truly be called soldiers. How it will end, only providence can direct. But dear God, what brave men... I shall lose... before this business... ends.

Your humble, and obedient...

G. Washington

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